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“Florida kitsch swirls together with magical realism in this glittering debut novel about a young
Black and Indigenous woman who learns to change the color of her skin

Gabrielle has always had a complicated relationship with her mother Tallulah, one marked by
intimacy and resilience in the face of a volatile patriarch. Everything in their home has been
bleached a cold white—from the kitchen cabinets and the food within to the living room and the
piano at its center. Even Gabrielle, who inherited the ability to change the color of her skin from
her mother Tallulah, is told to pass into white if she doesn’t want to upset her father.
But this vital mother-daughter bond implodes when Tallulah is hospitalized for a mental health
crisis. Separated from her mother for the first time in her life, Gabrielle must learn to control the
temperamental shifts in her color on her own.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle is spending a year after high school focusing on her piano lessons, an
extracurricular her father is sure will make her a more appealing candidate for med school. Her
instructor, a queer, dark-skinned woman named Dominique, seems to encapsulate everything
Gabrielle is missing in her life—creativity, confidence, and perhaps most importantly, a
nurturing sense of love. Together, they plan to get Gabrielle away from her chaotic household by
applying to music schools far away.

Following a young woman looking for a world beyond her family’s carefully-coded existence,
Notes on Her Color is a lushly written and haunting tale that shows how love, in its best sense,
can be a liberating force from destructive origins.”

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